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The Prehab Guys Brand Development

The Prehab Guys are a preventative rehabilitation, physical therapy group of three, young Doctors of Physical Therapy. Their aim is to provide daily content to help clients train smarter, harder, and more efficient. TPG has a loyal following of other personal trainers, PT doctors, exercise gurus and more. They have posted hundreds of informational videos, detailing the correct way to exercise preventative rehabilitation, as to avoid unnecessary injuries while bettering oneself.

This logo design is featured on DesignRush's Best Design Trends Page.

"Not only do we demonstrate what to do; more importantly we explain why. [P]REHAB doesn't occur in the clinic - it's a lifestyle that requires you to put in work at home, in the gym, and on the field to optimize your movement system and performance."

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Made in July of 2017

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Logo Development

Final Logos

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