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Art has always been a huge passion of mine. Ultimately, it's what made me find my love for Design. Since quarantine has started, I've put some time into exploring my artistic passion, outside of design. Please enjoy my library of paintings. Most have been commissioned as custom artwork. Please see my painting process explained below!


I can recreate any painting on any size canvas. Prints are also available of any painting for a cheaper price than the canvas itself. Please reach out to me via the Contact page or through my email, . You can also see my paintings on my Etsy Shop.




During the pandemic, I have taken the time to really hone in on my painting process.

I thought it would be interesting, as well as helpful to explain the process by which I utilize my Graphic Design skills to help create one-of-a-kind, custom, pop art, portraits.

step 1

Digital Vector Creation

After nailing down the right image with my client, I bring that image into Adobe Illustrator where I create a completely unique 'vector drawing' that uses hundreds of shapes to define the contrast and contours of the chosen portrait.


Original Image

Chance The Rapper Vector Portrait

Custom Vector Portrait


Printed Vector Portrait


Redrawn Vector Portrait onto Canvas

step 2

Print & Transfer

After I complete the vector portrait in Illustrator, I then print it onto a large piece of paper, depending on the size of the requested canvas. Once the portrait is printed on paper, I use carbon paper to transfer the full portrait onto the canvas itself. Up to this point, I have drawn the portrait, shape by shape, twice.

step 3

Painting Shape by Shape

After step 2, the canvas is ready to paint. Using my digital vector portrait in Adobe Illustrator as a reference for color, I begin the longest step of this process by painstakingly painting each drawn shape, until the final piece begins to appear. Whether it be using acrylic and/or oil paint, mixing the exact right colors sometimes takes 3 or 4 times to get right. See the the full painting process below, in six phases.


Thank you for your interest in my art!

Please reach out if you are interested in commissioning a piece.

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