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Hungry Harvest Brand Development

Hungry Harvest is an amazing company that I branded some two years ago. Since then, they have appeared on ABC's Shark Tank, where they got a deal with Shark, Robert Herjavec. Hungry Harvest offers door-to-door delivery of 'Surplus Produce" to customers all around the East Coast. Produce that would have otherwise gone to waste.


6 billion pounds of fresh produce are wasted each year in the U.S. While 51 million Americans do not have access to fresh, healthy foods.


Hungry Harvest recovers the surplus produce from farmers and wholesalers.

They then deliver a balanced bag of fresh fruits & veggies to your door every weekend. And for every delivery you receive, Hungry Harvest will donate a healthy meal to someone in need!


Check them out at


Made in June of 2014

HH Website

Logo featured on Shark Tank

Logo development 1

Logo development 1

Hungry Harvest Process Infographic

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