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End of Season Sale Campaign Creative

Every year, during the end of Spring, Under Armour launches an annual sale called the "End of Season Sale." I was tasked with branding the campaign, which went live across all platforms, from the homepage of UA's site to all social media accounts, and more.

To start, I created a campaign lockup. This mark served as the main component that represented the campaign on all assets. Once the mark was created, we decided it would be a great opportunity to shoot laydowns of many of the products that lived within the sale.

I was given the opportunity to art direct my first photoshoot which was a great opportunity. We shot around 50 laydowns and then I used these products to encapsulate a space around the sale's mark.

The campaign made upwards of $250k in revenue.

Made in June of 2017

Website Homepage Design


Email Design (Desktop + Mobile)


Social Media Design


Banner Advertisements

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