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USApple Apples4Ed Brand Campaign

USApple is a nonprofit, member-based association comprised of and supported by individuals, companies, and state/regional associations within the apple industry. They are the national voice and resource center serving the interests of American apple growers, packer/shippers, processors, marketers, and other interested parties within the apple industry.

"The U.S. Apple Association today launched its 2018-19 Apples4Ed initiative—a grant program that supports healthy snacking initiatives in public schools across the United States. USApple will fund five $4,000 healthy snacking initiatives on campuses in 2019."

I was tasked with taking on-model shots of children at their school desks  (Jonathan Thorpe Photography) and illustrating objects around them, depicting potential career choices for each of them. The idea behind the campaign was that "an apple a day" could help these children realize their full potential and go on to fulfill their dreams, thus promoting apples as a necessary staple in their diet.

Art Director: Darryl Sebro

Agency: Mekanic

Made in September of 2018

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