Stratagem Advisors

Brand Development

Stratagem Advisors, LLC is a brand new, D.C.-based, insurance consulting firm, founded in early 2021 by Senior Insurance Executives, David Dwares & David Perry. They aim to help individuals and business that touch professional liability insurance realize opportunities and mitigate risks. Designing this brand and brand system was such a great experience and I couldn't be happier with the end product.

Using a sleek, modern, typographic-focused mark, the Stratagem brand intends to welcome in its potential clients through well thought out design and aesthetically pleasing visual expression.

Made in March 2021

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This chosen brand icon has been dubbed "the bridge." This symbol denotes
the connection that Stratagem Advisors develops with their clients, on both a professional and personal level. The founding members of SA have a combined 60+ years experience in the field. They bring an unmatched level of empathy to each project, to ensure their clients feel completely satisfied with the end result.

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