The Shared Humanity Project

Brand Development

The Shared Humanity Project is a brand new, DMV-based, non-profit initiative, focused on helping address the systematic poverty that is plaguing our country. Branching off from A Wider Circle, SHP founders wanted to create an organization, founded on the principle that in order to tackle this generational issue, we must "bring together people of all ages, races, and backgrounds to work towards economic and social change and the advancement of humanity."

It was an honor to both Art Direct and fully design the brand for The Shared Humanity Project. I am very excited to see the progress that SHP will make in the coming years, in the fight against poverty.

Designers: Matt Hodin

Agency: WHITE64

Made in December/January of 2020/2021

Initial Icon Development

SHP-Icons_Artboard 2.png
SHP-Icons_Artboard 3.png
SHP-Icons_Artboard 4.png
SHP-Icons_Artboard 6.png

Initial Wordmark Development

SHP-WORDMARKS_Artboard 3.png
SHP-WORDMARKS_Artboard 5.png
SHP-WORDMARKS_Artboard 2.png
SHP-WORDMARKS_Artboard 4.png
SHP-WORDMARKS_Artboard 6.png

Chosen Typographic Wordmark


Chosen Full Logo Lockups


Chosen Icons


Icon Explanation:

The chosen icon depicts two people reaching for one another, using their arms to create a link and an infinity symbol. The connection is ever-going and continuous. This connection, between two people, illustrates the process by which The Shared Humanity Project intends to tackle the issue of systematic poverty. Using empathy and the human spirit to reach out and form a connection with someone that may be different from you.


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