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Peraton 'Command The Cosmos'
Immersive 4D Experience

Peraton is a large government technology company, specializing in space, intelligence cyber, defense, homeland security, and health.

For their 2019 symposium, Peraton asked our team to design an exciting booth that would not only educate others on what they do as a company, but make Peraton stand out, amongst dozens of other government contractors. We quickly formed a plan and began the detailed process of designing a completely immersive 4D 'Igloo' experience, utilizing an enclosed tent with a 360º screen spanning across the entirety of the inside.

Not only did we need to develop a brand around 'Command The Cosmos,' but we wrote, directed, and designed a full storyboard script that captured how Peraton's wide array of critical technology, helps our government move forward in space, defense, and security. For our effort, we were awarded the 2019 Silver Addy Award.

Designers: Matt Hodin, Tim Hurt, Michael Haberle, Chris Misleh

Agency: WHITE64

Award: 2019 Silver Addy Award

Made throughout February-April 2019


Command The Cosmos Branding


Igloo Design Wrap


Technical Graphic Overlays

Utilizing actual technology that Peraton has created, I illustrated dozens of highly detailed programming screens and data infographics, in order to arm our team with as many realistic visuals, helping us depict the true story of Peraton's impact.

Peraton-CommandTheCosmos-Immersive-Experience 2.png

Full Video - Final Cut

Inside Igloo Video

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